ADAPT-2-VENT™ 30mm Adapter Elbow

standard-30mm converter.jpg

Convert your emergency CPAP mask, to a BiLevel mask.

The ADAPT-2-VENT™ is an adapter elbow that allows you to take the patient from CPAP to BiPAP with a simple switch. Save on time and cost, as there is no need to a re-fit a new mask. Go from bedside treatment, to transport &/or hospital with ease. 


The ADAPT-2-VENT is available in the Standard and Anti-Asphyxia. This allows the mask to be compatible with a wide variety of ventilators. 

Interested in learning more about the ADAPT-2-VENT™ ?

The ADAPT-2-VENT is compatible with the BiTrac™ ED Mask.

Can I use the

ADAPT-2-VENT with any mask?

The ADAPT-2-VENT fits onto the hub of the BiTrac™ ED Mask. 

From CPAP to BiPAP