PreHospital & Emergency Products

Prehospital & Emergency Medicine products will help your patient make a quick and safe transition from ambulance to hospital. Our line of Emergency CPAP products, and Emergency Airway Products, provide your patient with innovative and immediate care.

Pulmodyne® GO-PAP™ on patient

Emergency CPAP Products

This product line is a family of disposable and portable emergency CPAP devices. They provide a consistent flow throughout inspiration and exhalation, and offer attachments and features that allow you to utilize different combinations of FiO2 and PEEP to meet patient needs. 


Pulmodyne® Quik Connects™ on the O2-MAX™


The O2-MAX & O2-RESQ™ lines have a wide variety of attachments and accessories from Quik-Connects™ to PEEP valves. 



Atomization Products

The DART™ and DART-Reach™ atomize solutions to effectively coat the mucosal membranes in the upper airway. 

Pulmodyne® Control-Cric™

Emergency Airway Products

We offer two different styles of  emergency airway kits. Our products cover the surgical as well as the percutaneous approach to the procedure. 




Immobilization Products

Learn more about the features of the SIPQuik. 

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