Introducing a New CPAP System.

The MYO provides continuous positive airway pressure to patients experiencing respiratory distress. This device offers a high flow generator, which provides flows form 1-120 LPM, and allows you to use adjustable or set PEEP valves up to 20cm H2O (dependent on your patient's needs). With monitoring capabilities, and a built-in alarm, the MYO alerts the clinician of total flow, respiratory rate, FiO2, airway pressure, and battery life. All of the features aid in improving work of breathing, and facilitate oxygenation of arterial blood.

MYO® Mix Your Oxygen

Compatible with the 

BiTrac MaxShield™ &

BiTrac™ ED

Cost-Saving Solution

BiTrac™ ED Mask

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***The MYO System is not available in the United States at this time. Please check back later!