NIV Accessories

Interchangeable Elbows

The BiTrac Select offers 7 Interchangeable Elbows listed in order from left to right: 

  • Standard Elbow

  • Anti-Asphyxia Elbow

  • Anti-Asphyxia With Leak Elbow

  • Standard Nebulizer Elbow

  • Anti-Asphyxia Nebulizer Elbow

  • Standard Bronchoscopy Elbow

  • Anti-Asphyxia Bronchoscopy Elbow

Interchangeable elbows
Cushion Shapes

Cushion Options

The BiTrac Select line also offers 4 different cushion shapes to help ensure you get the best fit for your patient: 

  • Classic 

  • Chin Support

  • Wide Profile

  • High Profile



BiTrac™ NIV Circuit
ValueTrac™ NIV Circuit-72" Corrugated Tubing


The BiTrac Select line comes with two different circuit options:


  • BiTrac™ NIV Circuit - 72" Smooth ID Tubing with attached filter

  • ValueTrac™ NIV Circuit- 72" Corrugated Tubing