Frequently Asked 



1.  What interfaces are offered by Pulmodyne?

Pulmodyne offers the following:

  • Nasal Masks

  • Full Face Masks - (Oronasal/Fixed Elbows) 

  • MaxShield - (Full Perimeter/Fixed Elbows) 

  • Full Face Select - (Oronasal/Interchangeable Elbows) 

  • MaxShield Select - (Interchangeable Elbows)

  • Shield - (Total Perimeter/Fixed Elbows)



2.  What are the sizes offered? 

  • Nasal Masks - Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

  • Full Face Masks - Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

  • MaxShield - Small, Adult, Extra Large

  • Shield - Adult



3.  What are the "Select" lines of masks? 

The select lines are offered in our BiTrac Select™ Full Face Masks and our MaxShield Select™ Masks. They are our select line because they offer mutliple options. Our Full Face Masks offer interchangeable elbows as well as 4 different cushion shapes. Our MaxShield offers interchangeable elbows.  



4.  What cushion shapes are offered for the BiTrac Select™ Full Face Masks? 

We offer four different cushion shapes:

  • Classic - For the average facial structure/size

  • High Profile - For longer faces

  • Wide Profile - For wider faces

  • Chin Support - For patients with oral fractures, facial hair, or those lacking dentition


5.  Are the cushion shapes interchangeable?

The cushion shapes are not interchangeable and must be ordered ahead of time. Customers typically purchase at least two different profiles in order to accomodate a large variety of patients. 


6.  How do I fit them to my patients properly? 

We have a short video that can help you with that: Click Here


7.  Are these masks reusable? 

These masks are disposable and single patient use. 


8.  What types of elbows can I order? 


  • Standard (Blue)

  • Anti-Asphyxia (Clear)


  • Standard (Blue)

  • Anti-Asphyxia (Clear)

  • Anti-Asphyxia with Leak (Orange)

  • Standard Bronchoscopy (Dark Green)

  • Anti-Asphyxia Bronchoscopy (Light Green)

  • Standard Nebulizer (Blue)

  • Anti-Asphyxia Nebulizer (Clear)

9.  Which elbows can I purchase with the BiTrac™ Full Face Mask line? 


  • Standard

  • Anti-Asphyxia


  • Standard

  • Anti-Asphyxia

  • Anti-Asphyxia with Leak

  • Standard Bronchoscopy

  • Anti-Asphyxia Bronchoscopy 

  • Standard Nebulizer

  • Anti-Asphyxia Nebulizer


10. Which elbows can I purchase with the MaxShield™ line?


  • Standard

  • Anti-Asphyxia


  • Standard

  • Anti-Asphyxia with Leak

  • Anti-Asphyxia Bronchoscopy 


11.  What should I specify while making my order? 

You'll order these masks through your closest distributor.

  • Interface Type

  • Face Profile

  • Size

  • Fixed or Interchangeable Elbows

  • If interchangeable elbows are desired, which elbow should be packaged with the mask, and which replacement elbows (sold in boxes of 10) are also desired


12. Why use the MaxShield Mask? 

  • Wound Prevention: Rotating between the Full Face and MaxShield masks may help to reduce pressure points on the skin, thereby reducing the risk for skin breakdown

  • In the ER:  this mask can be more quickly and easily fit to the patient in order to start CPAP therapy with patients in acute respiratory distress

  • Patient Claustrophobia: The larger surface area helps some of these patients feel less “closed in”

  • When other mask profiles do not fit well

  • Facial/nasal fractures: When they are unable to use a Full Face in this instance 


13. What circuit should I use?

Circuit information can be found by clicking here