Subglottic Suctioning Inner Cannula

Subglottic Suctioning Inner Cannula

Made in USA

The inner cannula has a suction catheter attached to the outside. This allows it to removes secretions (accumulated above the cuff) through the fenestration of the Blom Fenestrated Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube. It can be used at a continuous suction of 20-30mmHg or an intermittent cycled suction at 100-150mmHg. The suction line cap allows for intermittent manual suctioning when needed.

This cannula comes in 4 sizes and the suction cap is color


  • Size 4= Grey
  • Size 6= Green
  • Size 8= Blue
  • Size 10= Black

Part Number Part Description Case Qty
313-50-040 SUCTION CANNULA #4 100
313-50-060 SUCTION CANNULA #6 100
313-50-080 SUCTION CANNULA #8 100
313-50-100 313-50-100 100

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