SIPQuik™ Stabilize in Place Cervical Collar

Stabilize In Place Quickly

“Stabilize In Place Quickly,” or SIPQuik Vacuum Cervical Splint developed by Steve Islava, addresses some major challenges with the rigid C-collars currently being used in the field. Unlike traditional cervical collars, the SIPQuik is a one-size-fits-all soft, conforming to the body with a micro-bead filling, so the patient can remain as comfortable as possible during stabilization. A built-in vacuum pump quickly removes the air, and locks the collar in place to custom fit the patient’s anatomy.

The SIPQuik is easier for first responders to use, and far more comfortable for the patient to wear than rigid C-collars. By solving these issues simply and elegantly, the SIPQuik by Pulmodyne proves itself as a win-win product for both medical professionals and patients.

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