O2-MAX™ with Integrated Nebulization


Nebulize from one tank!

We now offer our O2-MAX mask with the nebulization built right into the circuit. Choose to nebulize your patient, or choose not to with this new closed circuit nebulization feature. Apply nebulization during treatment without interfering with your CPAP therapy. Need to add more medication? Not a problem, just use the needleless entry port on your cannister to apply prescribed medication during your CPAP treatment. 

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Integrated Nebulization

Omni Clip™

Pre-attached head gear with the adjustable Omni Clip™.  The Omni Clip™ allows you to adjust the mask in, out, up, and down to fit the patient.

Omni Clip™

O2-MAX Trio


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Filtered Inhalation & Exhalation

Bacterial Efficiency: 99.9992%

Viral Efficiency: 99.997%

How do I attach the O2-MAX Guard?

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O2-MAX™ Trio

O2-MAX™ Trio

The O2-Max Trio System is made for use in a wide range of respiratory distress conditions. It plugs directly into the DISS Port for consistent and unrestricted flow throughout your patient's treatment. You can customize your FiO2 by approximately 30%, 60%, or 90% just by turning the knob located directly above the generator.  It also comes with an easy to use 3-SET™ O2-CPAP™ Valve, but has 5-SET™ and fixed PEEP pressures from 2.5 to 20cm available as well. 



O2-MAX™ Trio-30 FiO2
O2-MAX™ Trio-60 FiO2
O2-MAX™ Trio-90 FiO2

1 attachment 3 settings. Customize your FiO2 directly above the generator.


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