EZ-Spray ™

EZ-Spray ™

Made in USA

Powered Atomization Device

The EZ-Spray was designed for rapid anesthetization of patients. It is a single patient use, closed system, preventing the possibility of cross-contamination. Adjust the oxygen source to operate at 7-10 LPM according to desired flow rate. The 180° directional tip provides the ability to effortlessly direct and deliver medication to the upper pharynx. It is a quick and thorough anesthetization process.

  • Directional Tip
  • 60cc or 15cc Bottle
  • Disposable, Single Patient Use
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Part Description Size Case Qty
EZ-Spray (60cc) with 7’ Oxygen Tubing 10
EZ-Spray (15cc) with 7’ Oxygen Tubing 10
EZ-Spray SMR (15cc) 10