VT Select™

Made in USA

The VT Select is a manual resuscitator with a tactile feedback system. It is recommended by the AHA to deliver 10 BPM of 500-600mL to a standard adult. When activated, the valve restricts the refill of the bag to ~4 seconds. This provides your patient ~10 BPM, helping to eliminate hyperventilation of the patient. When the valve is activated, press your thumb and three fingers simultaneously together utilizing the finger ridges to deliver approximately 500-600mL to the patient. Additionally, the BVM is smaller (1200mL) than most adult bags on the market. This helps to reduce the risk of hyperinflation or barotrauma. The VT Select can be supplied with an optional PEEP valve, Filter, and dial manometer

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Part Number Part Description Size Case Qty
313-5590 VT Select BVM with Manometer, PEEP Valve, Filter – Adult Mask 8
313-5591 VT Select BVM with Manometer, PEEP Valve – Adult Mask 8
313-5592 VT Select BVM with PEEP Valve – Adult Mask 8
313-5593 VT Select BVM with Manometer – Adult Mask 8
313-5594 VT Select BVM – Adult Mask 8
313-5560 Angled Manometer 10
313-5584 Standalone Adjustable PEEP Valve BVM (22mmF) 10
313-7145 BVM Strap 10