BiTrac® Shield

BiTrac® Shield

Made in USA

The BiTrac® Shield offers a silicone cushion surrounding the full perimeter of the face. It is fully disposable and bilevel compatible. By encompassing the entire face, it minimizes claustrophobia. The BiTrac® Shield offers two fixed elbows, which include the Standard and Anti-Asphyxia Elbows.

Part Description Size Case Qty
BiTrac® SE Shield with Anti-Asphyxia Elbow 22mm Female and Shield Head Strap 10
BiTrac® SE Shield with Standard Elbow 22mm Female and Shield Head Strap 10

Step 1

Flip head strap forward over front of BiTrac Shield

Step 2

Flip head strap back over patient's head, and place BiTrac Shield so the flap seal is below the lower lip

Step 3

Adjust Head Strap on crown of patient's head while holding BiTac Shield in Place

Step 4

Attach Both bottom clips of the Head Strap to BiTrac Shield

Step 5

Adjust Head Strap to fit: Do Not Overtighten Head Straps

Step 6

Connect circuit, turn on flow, re-adjust Head Straps as needed

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Fitting Guide

Product Downloads

7175 BiTrac® Shield Shield Mask with Anti-Asphyxia Elbow 22mm Female

7328-BiTrac® SE Shield Shield Mask with Standard Elbow 22mm Female