BiTrac™ Full Face Noninvasive Ventilation

BiTrac™ NIV

The BiTac NIV Full Face Mask offers multi-adjustment fittings using the OmniClip™ and four sizes:

  • Adult Small

  • Adult Medium

  • Adult Large

  • Adult Extra Large


It has a silicone cushion that gently rests on a patient's face to create an efficient and comfortable seal. It comes available with a fixed Standard and fixed Anti-Asphyxia elbow.

Available Elbows

BiTrac MaxShield™

Adjustable OmniClip™

BiTrac Select™ Full Face  Noninvasive Ventilation


Select & Connect in more ways than one

This mask is bilevel compatible and disposable.  It has multi-adjustment fittings using the OmniClip™ and four sizes: Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult Extra Large. 


Along with 4 sizes it offers a selection of 4 cushion shapes, all made of silicone for an efficient yet comfortable seal to fit any patient's face. In addition we offer 7 Interchangeable Elbows to fit your patients' needs.


Adjustable OmniClip™

Interchangeable Elbows

Interchangeable Cushions

BiTrac™ Nasal  Noninvasive Ventilation


BiTrac™ NIV Nasal Mask

Our Nasal mask line consists of two nasal masks, the BiTrac™ NIV Nasal and the ValueTrac™ NIV Ribbed Nasal Mask. Both come with a standard fixed elbow. These offer a silicone cushion for an efficient seal that sits comfortably on the patient's face. 

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