BiTrac HC™

Pro-Fit™ Home Care Mask

Pro-Fit™ Nasal

Fits like a Pro.

Sleep like a Pro.

The Pro-Fit Home Care mask provides a quiet and comfortable sleep, by utilizing a silent mesh port in the elbow. The dual lip style cushion floats gently on the face, which helps to create an effective seal. The Pro-Fit comes in two styles, nasal or full face, and has two styles of head gear to choose from premium (shown here), and standard.

Interested in the Pro-Fit™?

The adjustable OmniClip allows the mask to be adjusted up, down, in, and out.

Adjustable OmniClip™

Silent Mesh Port Elbow

The silent mesh port aids in the sound of the air flow through the elbow. Helping you get a quiet sleep.

Silent Mesh Port

Pro-Fit™ Standard

The Pro-Fit Standard comes with the black headgear for a more cost effective sleep mask. It is also available in the Nasal mask.

Also available in standard