BiTrac MaxShield™ Noninvasive Ventilation

The BiTac MaxShield offers a silicone cushion for a full facial perimeter available in:

  • Extra Large

  • Adult

  • Adult Small


It creates a low pressure seal and sits gently on the face. The cushion's seal and gentle application, combined with the full perimeter fitting, helps to prevent nasal skin breakdown. It also helps to simplify the mask fitting process. This mask offers two fixed elbows which include the Standard Elbow and the Anti-Asphyxia Elbow.

Available Elbows

Pediatric Sizing

BiTrac™ Full Face 

Want more options? Try BiTrac MaxShield Select™


Available Elbows

Similar to the BiTrac MaxShield, our select line allows you to interchange your elbows. The elbows fit with a friction fit to the hub of the mask.